IMST Corp. is an independent market research firm specializing in retail site selection, analysis, and sales forecasting. Our firm is a national leader in single site studies for convenience stores and fuel stations. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, IMST provides reliable data that convenience and fuel retailers need to make profitable development decisions. Thousands of new build, upgrade, and remodel evaluation projects have been completed over the last 30 years. Projects span the entire United States and sections of Canada. IMST provides broad experience relating to traffic counts, demographics, competitive impacts, pricing strategies, and fuel and convenience development trends. Our customers include convenience store chains, fuel distributors, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, and independent operators. IMST is a valuable client resource for real estate site decisions and store upgrade strategies.

CEO and founder, James (Jim) B. Fisher is a featured columnist, industry contributor, speaker, and topic leader in convenience store site selection. Jim founded IMST in 1990, and has conducted thousands of single site evaluations nationwide. Jim is an active member and contributor in multiple industry organizations.

President and partner, Travis Heiser joined the firm in 1995 and has accrued a depth of site selection and network analysis knowledge. He has a wide range of forecasting experience as a key resource for independent, chain, and major brand site evaluation clients. Travis has inclusive responsibility for IMST client service, process, data, and reporting.