What's in store for your store?

The IMST Retail Site Analysis is a comprehensive analysis of a single site for new builds, remodels and raze/rebuilds.  Accurate three year store sales and fuel projections are provided based on extensive field and site-specific data.  An IMST project manager will collect the specific field data needed for report generation.  Major analysis components consist of site assessment, trade area analysis, traffic count sampling, competitive audits, custom demographics, and development strategies are provided by the customer or generated by IMST.

New competitors, changing demographics, traffic, and trade area landscapes leave existing convenience stores in need of raze/rebuild, remodel, and and/or additional profit center considerations.  Long term success in built on actions that justify the capital outlay and meet expected results. 

IMST provides a number of study options for you to choose from.  Read more to determine which option works best for you! IMST provides the data retailers need to make profitable and successful development decisions!

Multi-Family Analysis

The Multi-Family Residential Analysis focuses on projected occupancy rates and market appropriate rental rates for the first three years following project construction.

The study includes comparables data, demographic analysis, commercial analysis, and expenditure analysis.

Facility Impact Analysis

Retail businesses sometimes encounter situations beyond their control. These can include road configurations, relocations, terminations, or interruptions.  It can be military closing, medical facilities moving from the area, or loss of a large area employer.

The Facility Impact Analysis focuses on the resulting sales impact of any such action(s) affecting a current operating facility or blank land parcel.  Strategic actions are given to respond to the effect of the impact.