What's in store for your store?

I recently was reading one of the daily restaurant foodservice newsletters that I receive, which show up along with those committed to convenience stores, petroleum, supermarkets and other retail industry sectors. In all of them, some appropriate words of wisdom and insight often float by. On this specific morning, the snippet I noticed was titled “8 Mistakes Restaurants Make.” When reading through the highlighted “mistakes,” I realized they could apply to each sector within this industry with just a little manipulation of words and application.

The year 1990 marked the beginning of the decade before the last one. Seems hard to believe, doesn’t it? It was the time before a Clinton White House and a second Bush White House. It was a year marked by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, which ignited the Persian Gulf War; the dissolution of the USSR; the forming of the European Union; the resignation of Margaret Thatcher; the unification of East and West Germany; the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope; and many other events that some of us remember and others of us have only read about.

I am a proud graduate of North Kansas City High School, the home of the Hornets. We proudly sported our alma mater colors of purple and gold during our high school years. Gold, not golden—but why do I mention “golden”?

Several years ago, IMST and Paragon Solutions were asked to team up to conduct a real-world exercise for the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA). The exercise consisted of identifying one older-generation retail facility for two different retailers/marketers in two areas of the country. Our companies decided to name the experiment “Station Resuscitation,” and off we went onto what became a two-year journey for two SIGMA member companies and for us.

It has been said that if you believe you can’t do something, you’re right. Such a statement is indicative of how often we place self-imposed limitations on our visions. We tend to forget how we can achieve our goals, instead remaining focused on the obstacles that prevent us from such accomplishment.