What's in store for your store?

So maybe you are wondering just what the heck that headline relates to. I guess I should provide a little background about my thought process.

The new year has begun in the same fashion as last year ended—as a total whirlwind. This a good thing because it shows our industry is strong, active and focused on growth and expansion. Our analysts have been scattered across the country, and I have been in Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and New York (getting out one day before the “big dump”). You would think I could figure out a way to be in Florida, the Gulf Coast or Hawaii, or stay put in Houston.

A chorus of Lonestar’s song “From My Front Porch Looking In” is, “I see what beautiful is about when I’m looking in, not when I am looking out.” This refers to how the songwriter views his world from the perspective of his family and the good life they give the writer. You can see a very different perspective from comments made by Apollo astronaut Eugene Cernan, author of “Last Man on the Moon,” when he speaks of looking at Earth from the surface of the moon and feeling as if he is on God’s front porch.

We all feel at times that our dogs have trained us to respond to the way they feel the world works. A great example of this phenomenon happened only a couple of days ago.

I moved to Houston in 1990. During the first weekend of being a new Houstonian, my soon-to-be-wife said we had to shop for the next week, so she was going to treat me to a true supermarket experience. We were going to shop at Houston’s biggest and “bestest”: a Randall’s flagship store.